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Our Services

Permanent Recruitment

Our permanent recruitment service gives you the opportunity to find someone for a position without the hassle of time-consuming groundwork.

We pay extra attention to our client’s staffing needs; identifying their expectations and the skill they’re looking for, then examining applicants accordingly.

Hort Staff thoroughly checks candidates as we know the pain of sifting through disinterested applicants. By pre-screening candidate CVs for their skills and qualifications, then contacting them for a personality check, Hort Staff is able to narrow down the perfect staff for the job.

There are no hidden costs, only a flat fee is charged should someone be placed in a permanent position at your company.

Casual Labour

Our Labour Hire service staff are generally booked the day prior to work commencing and there is no obligation to have staff for any length of time as it’s on an ‘as needs’ basis.

There are no other costs involved, other than the hourly rate which includes: wages, superannuation, and Public Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurances.

The minimum hours for a staff member to work is 8 hours, this makes it viable for the staff member to work for your company. If you have been satisfied with a particular staff member, then you may request them should you have another project.

Hort Staff retains their staff for as long as able to depending on the circumstances if the staff member is on a WHV (Working Holiday Visa) or not.

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About Us

Founded in 2013, Hort Staff Pty Ltd is a labour hire recruitment company based on the Central Coast, providing services along the East coast of Australia through QLD, NSW and Victoria.

After working in a similar role, our company founder Julie Granero-Hubay decided to create her own business that was people-focused and offered valuable experiences for her clients and staff. 

Over the last ten years, Hort Staff has continued to grow and improve its services, determined to provide quality service to our clients and a high level of care to our employees.

Hort Staff always strives to fulfil the needs of its clients, treating staff as individuals, not as a number to fill a position.

Acknowledging that all staff come from different backgrounds and experiences, Hort Staff constantly offers opportunities that will allow people to reach their full potential.

I want people to feel as though they matter and they’re not just a number! I care for each and every employee as I do my clients, and I get to know them on a personal level as well as professional. I will always go above and beyond to help people and I don’t give up on trying to find solutions to problems.”


“My company has been engaging in Labour Hire with Hort Staff Pty Ltd for the past 6 years and we have been very pleased with the level of professionalism and the staff provided. Would highly recommend to any company who are looking for casual or full-time staff. “


“I really recommend Julie and her services as she is very easy-going and organised, as well as being dedicated in providing you with the best service.”


Employer FAQs

Are There Any Other Costs Involved?

No. The rate which is provided to you covers it all.

Do The Staff Provided Have Experience?

Yes. All staff provided by Hort Staff have a minimum of 1-2 years experience in the Horticulture Industry or other relevant industries such as Arboriculture or Construction/Labouring.

Can Qualified Staff Be Provided If I Need Them?

Yes. In the event that you require an experienced Labourer, Horticulturalist or Landscaper, contact us so that a suitable Trade Qualified staff member can be arranged. The more notice the better as this level of skill is generally booked in advance and not at last minute. So let us know what your projects are so the right person can be arranged for the right job.

What If I Don’t Like The Person Who Is Arranged?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the staff member arranged, please give us a call immediately so that an alternative staff member can be sent to you. Please advise the unwanted staff member that they are unsuitable and are to leave the site. If you have had the unsuitable staff member work with you for the first part of the day, we will offer you a 4 hour guarantee whereby the first 4 hours of the day will be at no charge to your business. We want you to know that we won’t let you down and we value your business.

Do I Need To Provide The Staff Member With Any PPE?

No. All staff have been made aware of the need to have appropriate PPE on site and will have their own. In the event that there are any specific site requirements or items to be worn then please advise Hort Staff at the time of booking so that this can be arranged in advance.

What Are The Minimum Hours A Staff Member Can Work?

8 hours is the minimum work day as we like to make it worth the staff member’s time. Occasionally, staff members can be offered an 8 hour day elsewhere, so it is ensuring that they are looked after as well as your business.

What Happens If It Rains?

If wet weather is forecast, all staff prior to leaving their home are advised to contact the Foreman from your business, who has been provided to Hort Staff at the time of booking, to enquire if works are to go ahead for the day given the weather circumstances. If the staff member is advised to continue on to the work site and work is cancelled upon arrival, then your business will be charged 1 hour so that the costs can be covered for the staff member. In the event work commences and is then needed to be cancelled, a minimum of 4 hours will be charged in order to cover the staff member’s costs and time.

What If I Need The Staff Member To Work More Than 8 Hours?

If a staff member is required to work more than 8 hours, overtime rates will apply on any hours worked over 10 hours and will be as per the rates supplied to you.

Do I Need To Pay Travel Costs?

In the event that a project is not in a central location of Sydney and is in a remote area, then a travel allowance will be charged to cover the staff member’s travel costs and will be discussed upon booking.

Job Seeker FAQs

How Long Can My Employment Be With Hort Staff?

If you are a Permanent Australian Resident or Citizen then there is no limitation on the period of time you can work for Hort Staff. If you hold a WHV (Working Holiday Visa) then you can only work for Hort Staff for a period of 6 months on full-time hours. You can also work for Hort Staff under a Study Visa, however, you are limited with the days you can work. Therefore, this may not be suitable for some contracts as the requirement could be full-time.

How Many Hours In A Day Can I Work?

Standard working hours are normally 8 hours, but can vary depending on the job requirements. Some days could be longer than 8 hours, which then overtime rates would then be applicable.

Do I Require Any Particular Licences Or Qualifications?

You require a Work Health and Safety Induction Card (White Card) in order to work with Hort Staff. A driver’s licence is also preferable, however it is not a necessity.

Do I Need To Complete Timesheets?

Yes. You will be given a timesheet template upon commencing employment and will have to submit it electronically.

Do I Need To Purchase My Own PPE?

Yes. You must have steel cap work boots with shoelaces, long sleeve high visibility shirt, long work pants, hard hat, ear protection and eye protection.

How Many Shifts Will I Work Each Week?

It depends on the work available at the time. Some positions are more ongoing whereas others may be for a day or two.

What Happens If It Rains?

If wet weather is forecast, prior to leaving your home you must contact the Foreman, provided to you in the job details by Hort Staff, to ascertain whether work is to go ahead despite the weather conditions. If you are advised to continue on to the work site and work is cancelled upon arrival, then you are paid 1 hour to cover your travel costs to site. In the event work commences and is then needed to be cancelled, a minimum of 4 hours will be charged in order to cover your costs and time.

What To Do If I Injure Myself At Work?

Report the injury to you site manager immediately and then contact Hort Staff to report the incident. You must then make your way to the nearest hospital or to a doctor, depending on the severity of the injury. Once you have been to the hospital/doctor, contact Hort Staff on the outcome of your condition. You will also be required to provide a doctor’s report for worker’s compensation, however, you have 24 hours to report the injury or you will forfeit your insurance cover.

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